Why you should use the SSS Loan Condonation regimen

Why you should use the SSS Loan Condonation regimen

Why you should use the SSS Loan Condonation regimen

Whenever SSS supplies that loan Condonation regimen and you have a current or past-due financing with the SSS, you need to make use of they.

The Reason Why? As it can help you pay the loan much easier.

Together with the SSS financing Condonation plan, their penalties will likely be waived. Could realize exactly how beneficial this system is specially if you have a lengthy overdue financing.

To offer a good example, an income financing amounting to P20,000 in 2005 who has maybe not started compensated ever since have ballooned to P67,528.78 after 11 years.

To break they down, P18,485.58 was actually the main loan or the web quantity the SSS member obtained whenever she took out the mortgage; P17,499.84 was the entire loan desire for 11 ages; and P31,543.36 was actually the quantity of punishment for failing to pay the borrowed funds in 11 age.

SSS Mortgage Interest

The SSS wages Loan interest was 10per cent annually until they’s totally paid predicated on diminishing main balances. The amortization course is over a time period of 24 months.

In the event that financing is certainly not completely compensated after the phrase or after 24 months, the interest will continue to be recharged in the outstanding main balance until it’s paid totally.

Effectation of SSS Loan Condonation system into the exceptional financing stability

Whenever SSS affiliate sent applications for SSS Loan Condonation Program this past year, coincidentally referred to as Loan Restructuring system (LRP), this lady financing stability took place from P67,528.78 to P35,985.42.

Just how did that arise?

Better, they’s easy. The punishment has been waived or it had been deducted through the complete loan balance.

She stored almost 50 % of the lady loan balance considering the SSS financing Condonation regimen. What a giant support, was actuallyn’t it?

This is often exactly why you need to take advantage of the SSS mortgage Condonation system if the SSS supplies they.

Unfortuitously though, they don’t offering they annually. The last times it had been offered ended up being from April 2016 to April 2017 while the SSS has not yet revealed but about if this plan will be readily available once again.

Furthermore , once you avail of the SSS financing Condonation plan, make sure that you spend they regarding agreed routine or fees terminology. In the event that you neglected to spend they, your own penalty won’t be waived and you may need to pay they with the main amount borrowed and interest.

As well as the unfortunate component try, you can’t acquire any potential loan condonation program if you have already availed of it when.

Why wouldn’t you shell out their SSS financing?

The SSS provides advantages to the customers in addition to their beneficiaries. If you have delinquent pay financing, it is deducted once you state sickness, pregnancy, dying, pension, or complete impairment advantages.

In our sample above, the associate paid the girl delinquent mortgage with the SSS mortgage Condonation Program because she’ll getting retiring next year and she didn’t wish the girl financing to upset or even be subtracted from this lady month-to-month retirement.

Additionally, after you have paid at the very least 50% of the initial loan amount and also at minimum 50% for the financing phrase features lapsed, it is possible to renew or re-apply for SSS Pay Loan.


When you yourself have delinquent mortgage utilizing the SSS and you haven’t availed of every financing condonation or financing restructuring system before, only expect SSS’ announcement on the next loan condonation regimen to help you spend the loan less difficult.

We’ll in addition declare they only at SSS solutions as soon as the further SSS mortgage Condonation regimen is already readily available.